Friday, June 26, 2009

June 27th - Happy Birthday Phyllis

Tomorrow is my eldest daughter's birthday. How time flies as I can remember that day as if it was yesterday. Wow, life is short at best.:(

We can tell that it is near the 4th as I hear fireworks all around the place. One thing that happens in Deming every 4th of July, everybody buys and uses fireworks. The city puts on a very nice display free of charge, but still we can sit on our front porch and see and hear fireworks until the early morning. They come from all directions, big pretty things. This may be a depressed area of the country, but folks spend a lot of money to celebrate our country's birthday.:)

So we wish all of you a very happy weekend and 4th of July. Enjoy outside activities if you can and weather permits.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sad news day.

Today Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both died. She was 62 and he was 50. Both were too young to die, but her death was expected, his was not.
I remember that I bought two copies of "Thriller", just in case. He was quite a talent.

Nice weather day today and the real heat that we have been expecting all month just hasn't materialized. June is traditionally our hottest month. We have been lucky.

Things are going well around here. Floyd had an excellent Father's Day and thanks everyone who thought of him which turned out to be all the kids.

My neighbor Connie gave us a huge bucket of peaches and tomorrow I am going to bake a couple of peach cobblers. One for her, one for us and if I end up with three, one goes in the freezer for another time. Don't you all love peach cobblers??? I know I do. I like them just slightly warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Yummy!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great June weather!

Normally, June is our hottest month. The main reason for this is the clear sunny skies. So far this month we haven't had one day that has reached 100 F. The 100s are expected in June. Today's high will be in the 80s, imagine that!

I now have some fresh zucchini squash which we love. I cut them into strips, dip them in batter and deep fry them. Then serve with ranch dressing for dipping. Even our doggies love them. Of course, I also put them in soups and stews or serve as a vegetable.

Finally picked up the balance of my meds as did Floyd. Walmart had mine all mixed up, but the problem is corrected now. My health regime consists entirely of taking the proper medication. A beautiful day here today. My new kitchen curtains are so cute, but they do make my kitchen darker, oh well! I like the "cozy" look anyway.

I sure hope everyone has a great day and weekend. Wish all the dads a great Sunday.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monsoon Season

According to our weather people, today marks the first day of the official Monsoon season. Normally, it doesn't begin until July 1st, but this entire year has been different weatherwise, so I guess the meterologists look at the oceans and long term effects of the El Nino and declared today as the first of the summer Monsoon season.

It is a lovely sunny day with some white fluffy clouds about. Yesterday we did have some thunderstorms with just a little rain but with lots of thunder and fireworks.

My zucchini has buds on it, lol.

Time to stop and finish dinner. Hope this is a good day for everyone.:)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

For all you cat lovers and actually everyone else too, this is a cute site. Also coming soon: for dog lovers. We pet lovers will take whatever we can get.

Happy Flag Day. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Plumbing problem

This week our challenge has been to repair a water line which Floyd has taken of. It happened over the weekend and we couldn't get anyone to work on it. Began as a little pond in our yard.

Nothing much new going on around here. Nice week weather wise and surprisingly cool for June which is traditionally the hottest month of the year for us. It has been a strange year as far as weather is concerned, warmer winter, cloudy May and now cooler June. Very different for us.

I need some new kitchen curtains but am having trouble finding the design I want. I will just keep surfing until I do. I did order myself a pasta maker. I love homemade lasagne with the soft pasta and I want to be able to make my own.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers. Our school was out May 15th, but we haven't seen all that many kids around. Maybe they left town, lol.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Starmax Open

Some landscaping has to be completed but other than that, our new Starmax Entertainment Center is complete and open for business. Also, a new Hampton Inn should open in October. The building looks complete, but much inside work needs to be done. Deming is growing and that is prompting new construction and new business.

We went to Walmart this morning and did a little routine shopping. Weather is near perfect and we are enjoying getting out and about in these nice warm temps. I am so glad that I live in the Southwest U.S. In the midwest and south, the views are obstructed by trees. Here we have wide open vistas and the large expanse reminds us daily of the old west before so many people came from the east to settle. We still have land to spread out and when we go for a drive in the country, we can get away from houses and people in a short time. I love it.