Friday, December 23, 2011

Better days!

It will soon be 2 months since Floyd died. I really miss him at times. We spent most of our time together, so we depended on one another a great deal. I miss talking with him and sharing my feelings with him. Anyway, time goes on and all is well. I am feeling better and as a matter of fact, hospice is cutting me loose; they say I am not sick enough to meet their criteria. So that is certainly all right with me, I don't want to be any sicker than need be.

Christmas is Sunday and seems like it just arriving so soon. I'm not ready!  I am wishing all of you a happy new year and a generally great holiday season. Talk with you all next year; take care of one another.  Hugs, moni xo

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Living in Arizona

After my last posting, I ended up in a hospital with yet another heart attack. Story of my life!  I was there for a week, then Stewart convinced me to move to Tucson, Az where he lives.  I have been here for a couple of weeks and everything is going along fine. My daughter Phyllis and her husband Larney moved our furniture and belongings from Deming to Tucson. It was a hard, dirty job, but they did it with no complaints at all, so much hard work.

Stewart has been trying to put things away. His house is really cute, but really small. Next Spring he hopes to be able buy us a larger place so we have room for everything.  He is renting this place from a very nice lady. So many good people out there! I need to mention The Animal Guardians of Deming for finding a home for my old dogs and for my kitty. They fed them and cared for them until they found good homes for them and I will be forever grateful.

So now I am on Hospice. They are wonderful people and make life as easy as is possible. I do not have any pain, and that is a blessing. They provide just about everything anyone would need to be comfortable. My heart is just worn out and can't be fixed any more. Stewart is a great cook, and he provides lots of yummy food for me. I doubt anyone ever had it so good. :-)!

After long last, we are both back online and it is wonderful to be able to talk to all my super facebook friends.  Going to take a nap now, talk with you all later.♥♥