Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodbye Floyd

I buried my sweet hubby last Wednesday. He was such a good guy and I am going to miss him something awful. He wasn't sick all that long and I never thought of losing him until it happened. He had a massive heart attack followed immediately by a stroke caused by a huge blood clot on his brain stem. He fell in the hospital and the doctor said that he was probably dead before he it the floor.

Now I am learning how to live without him. Floyd was my caregiver, so I was so very dependent on him. My children are so smart and they know how to take care of me.The only problem is, I feel like a child and they seem like the adults!  Well, can't be helped, I can do some things, but not too much. My daughter Teresa was here all day yesterday, and she made my lunch, changed the linens on my bed, vacuumed the floor and generally did everything including taking care of the dogs and the cat. Stewart is going to take care of me now; he has just moved here from Tucson. My eldest daughter Phyllis is taking care of all kinds of business matters.  I am a lucky lady!

Today is a truly beautiful sunny day, not too hot, just a perfect Fall day. I wish my sweetie was here with me.