Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 2011

This time of year, our local merchants are roasting green chile and selling red chile. Normally, it is a couple of weeks earlier in August, but things are all ready to go now. Roasters are outside of Walmart and Peppers and many folks own their own. I just love the smell of roasting green chile; makes you hungry even if you're not, lol.

September is a good month here, like summer only a little milder with even cooler nights. Seems August was the hotest month on record in the southwest, so a little cooler sure sounds good. Monday is Labor Day, but we don't really have any special plans except it was a good excuse to buy a watermelon, lol. I am the only one who truly loves watermelon, so basically it is all mine.

I sure hope everyone enjoys this last special weekend of summer. After this, we all must hunker down for the cold months. :(