Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am soooo pissed!

Floyd brought me coffee and the morning's paper this morning and he said "you are not going to like what you read in the paper". Sure enough I didn't. The headlines read " Governor Richardson blocks entrance to Deming, casino". The article said that employees of the casino and tribal members would be allowed in but he is waiting for the Feds to give their ok because he sees this tribal action as an "illegal casino". Oh well, hope this thing gets going as it was supposed to open today.

There has been a lot of violence south of the border right here. Palomas has been the scene of numerous shootings and killings in the past month. Yesterday, there was more automatic gunfire and more bodies laying in the streets, so much so that our local police and state troopers rushed down and closed the border entrance temporarily until the Mexican government could get things under control. The big drug cartels are now operating openly right here, south of our border. It moved from Laredo to Juarez and now to the little town of Palomas. It is drug dealers fighting one another over who controls the drugs along the border. Nobody cares if they want to kill each other, but innocent people can get caught in the crossfire. I understand the Mexican government has agreed to send more federales to that side of the border.

Our weather is the good news. Deming is greening up. We went to the library yesterday and noticed that the cottonwood trees had big buds on them, yea! Our roses are sprouting new leaves and Spring is definitely here. Floyd made me promise not to plant any more flowers but he said I could plant a peach tree. I want two of them, lol. One yellow and one white! Our temp should be up in the 70s today, so another great day to spend outdoors. Yesterday Floyd dug trenches around all the trees and removed some unwanted growth from the bushes and watered everything so he doesn't have any yard work to do today. Have a good one y'all.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Warm and Windy!

Beautiful day today, already 71F on our front porch but the wind is blowing strong out of the west, can't feel it on the porch as we face east. There is a storm coming in from the west, but it is going north of us, so we just get the wind. Guess what??? Our plum tree is making buds! They are still green but growing and it is sooo cool. I don't want it to bloom too early because the wind just knocks the blooms off and then the plums too. Oh well, sure sign of Spring. Made it to the library and picked up some good mysteries by J.A.Jance. I have read all of her Sheriff Brady books, now I am going on with some of her other series and they are all very good. Hope you are having a great week. Talk with you later.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Yes it is Friday again. We have a great weather week coming up and Sunday should be near 80F. I see that the southern U.S. is nice and warm and it is about time. We never received any of the rain predictions. We get our weather forecasts out of Albuquerque and that is so far away, that we are right on the southern edge of their radar curve. If we could get weather from Mexico, we would be better off.

Wishing you a very happy weekend. Hope your weather is nice and that you have an enjoyable time. I am going to pick up something to bbq Sunday and since we are going to Walmart anyway, that will be easy. Gotta get my doggies some bones to chew on, lol.

Oh yes, I have a U-tube that is timely just now, thanks Jim!

Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day

Hope all of you had a happy Valentine's Day. Floyd gave me the prettiest card you can imagine and a big box of chocolates!

We are having a lovely day here in Deming. Lots of Sunshine, no wind! Nothing new to report. We saw our doctors and nothing new, we are as fine as can be expected. Floyd has spent most of today reorganizing a shed, lol. I haven't done much except put dinner on. Simple meal, fried chicken, potatoes, mixed veggies. We had a nice lunch, so that's good enough. Have errands to run tomorrow, hope this nice weather holds. Oh yes, one thing I did was try to organize my flower seeds, not much but something, lol. Wont be long now and Spring will be here. Our Spring arrives about a month before it is official.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Another lovely day. One thing about this part of the country, we never experience any natural disasters such as: Earthquakes, Tornados, Hurricanes, Blizzards, Floods, etc. Just nice and dry. The drought is part of being located in the Chihuahuan Desert. A neighbor was telling us a story about the Sandhill Cranes that I blogged about. This group lives here year round and one day they were taking off and one of the birds fell right out of the sky into his front yard. He said it was unconscious but alive. Since it was a very hot day, he picked him up and put him in the shade and gave him some water. He said the bird gradually came around and two days later, just took off as if nothing had happened to him. Getting sufficient water is a challenge for the Cranes.

Our local casino that I keep talking about, will be called Apache Casino and they are running a half page Ad in our local paper for all kinds of help. This is good for the community. Initially, it will be a small place, 11,000 sq.ft. but within a year they should start on their 20 million dollar building and then they will hire many more to keep that place going.

Our temps should reach 75F today but tomorrow and Friday will be much cooler. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and Floyd has one for friday. Oh well, a couple of pretty cold days and then it should warm up again.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Warm and Sunny

Today is a beautiful day. We drove out to the casino site and they are really coming along with the construction. The facade frame is up all around and on top of the building and the guys were busy working today (Sunday). While out that way we went to the Akela Flats Trading Post and Floyd bought himself a pretty belt with silver things on it and I bought a dozen chocolate chip cookies and 1/2 lb. of fudge. Had coffee too but it is free and delicious. Lots of people out and about.

On the way home we passed a field full of Sandhill Cranes. There must have been a thousand of them just as far as we could see. From a distance I thought they were emus but no, they were cranes. Just weird to see so many in one spot.

We came back and stopped at Burger King for lunch and then home. Such a lovely day and I am so looking forward to Spring and Summer. What will I bitch about when winter is gone????

Tonight there is a special on the NGC about global warming, something about +6 degrees and it sounds really interesting, so we want to see that. The truth of the matter, I don't buy into the global warming theory, but still this program sounds provocative, lol.

Oh yes, finally they broke ground for our Entertainment Center which will be 6 movie theaters, 16 lane bowling alley, sports bar, snack bar and arcade plus an 18 hole indoor blacklight minature golf course. Better than nothing. This past week they did start regular bus service in Deming and the transportation office will be at the old depot building next to the Entertainment Center.

Slowly but surely Deming is coming along.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Winter time!

It really hasn't been all that cold, just our Mountain nights and the wind.

The SuperTuesday was fun for me as Hillary did great. Obama could make you nuts with that gospel mantra of his:

"We don't want to go back, we want to go forward, we don't want the past, we want the future, we don't want to go down, we want to up, etc. etc., ",eek! lol Also, I really dislike McCain. For one thing he is too old to be President. He could do a lot of things, like being a professor, or Legislator, but not a President because that is one office that is very unforgiving and no place for senior citizens. He could have a stroke at any time and he did have cancer, and on his head!!

So anyway, I am really hoping that Hillary gets it done because she knows her stuff and that is what we need. I know many men will not vote for a woman, but so what. History has shown many great women as leaders. I understand that she has the most Super-delegates.

Also, I was so happy that Eli Manning and his Giants won the Superbowl. It looked like his brother Peyton was as happy as he was.

Terrible tornados across the south. Tragic.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Good TV

Good television lately and now we have the Superbowl on Sunday and Super Tuesday to look forward to. I hate cold weather, so I kind of hibernate during the winter with my coffee and TV and my books.

Floyd is out riding his bike. He either walks everyday or rides his bike. His doctor says that he is in excellent shape, and he wants to stay that way. We walked together when I was up to it. We will be going to Walmart today to pick up meds and a few groceries. I see a week of about 60 - 65F every day this next week, so that's not too bad. Our local golfers say that this has been a cold winter here. Glad we are not in the midwest with about a foot of snow, eek.

Oh yes, something great that I read on the net, seems there is a doctor in Texas who works for the Baylor University Hospital medical group, and he had developed a kind of vacine to help Cocain addicted people and it may work for other illegal addictive drugs. What it does, a series of injections over a 3 month period will put a certain protein in the body which binds to any cocain taken into the system and instead of the drug going through the bloodstream to the brain, it will simply be excreted. He has been working on this since 1995 and only needs one more trial set before his med is approved by the FDA. Wonderful news. They think that possible this drug could be given to young men who are in high risk situations as a preventative measure. This is something great for a whole bunch of folks, especially in this country.