Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall already

This is a picture of green chiles in Deming, NM. Fields of them being harvested. The aroma of roasting green chile is everywhere in the county. Our county Fair starts today, (SW New Mexico State Fair), and green chile cheeseburgers are the best, yum, yum! Roasted corn is also a yum. :)

The air is cool, but not cold. By weeks end, we will be back to the l0 80s. If you are driving I-10, stop off in Deming and check out the Fair, Rodeo, Wineries and all the fun Fall stuff!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Country Drive

We went for a drive yesterday out toward Rockhound SP. Actually, we went to the State Park, drove around,just checking things out. It has been a while since we were there. We also found a new restaurant on hwy 143 about a mile from the intersection of Rockhound Rd. and Hwy 143. It is a brand new building and looks good, they specialize in BBQ. The also have a paintball course behind the restaurant and behind a tall fence.

Didn't see any stray cattle or horses which have been wandering around out that way. It is open range, but the news reports horses running into cars and vice-versa. One young man driving a small pickup hit a horse, killed himself and the horse.

The new Hampton Inn is nearly completed and will open next month. It will be the tallest building in Deming.

Tonight they have the burning of Zozobra in Santa Fe. It is an annual tradition and I love it. People put their problems, troubles, mortgage notes, etc. Write down things you want to get rid of and put them inside this large character made with cloth and wood. He is set on fire and all your troubles disappear. He is 50+ feet tall.

Have a good Sunday everyone. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September already!

Here is a cute little green chile. It is roasting time in Luna County and the green chiles are being roasted in parking lots at Peppers and Walmart and where ever there is a roaster. People also have home roasters and for just a couple of hundred dollars, you can get a smaller version of the commercial roasters and do your own.

Here in SW New Mexico, school has already begun and the next holiday is Labor Day. Lots of bbq, beer, watermelon, etc. being sold for the holiday. We just fly our flag and eat some of the good stuff. No special plans here.

We are getting new neighbors across the street. After Connie moved from her house, her daughter and family moved in, but the son in California who bought the house last year wants to sell it, so maybe more new neighbors in same house. Also the house next door to them has new tenants moving in. Floyd knows the owner and he said that he already has people ready to move in. The former residents have moved to Albuquerque. This has been a very stable neighborhood but now new people.

September is an OK month here in Deming but next month is October and nearly perfect weather. We don't really get cold weather until the middle of November. However, this has been an odd weather year, so who knows??

Hope you all have a good weekend out there and that the weather cooperates. Those terrible fires in California should abate soon.