Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama UP in the Polls

According to a new Post-Abc Poll, Obama leads McCain 52-43 in their newest poll. It's the Economy Stupid!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

One Trillion Bucks!

We just put $1,000,000,000,000 on a credit card. What are we going to do when it all comes due?? Does anyone know?? It appears that we had no choice, omigosh!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Perfect weather

Like my little tag?? lol.

Such awful financial news lately. Corporate greed, Corporate welfare. If the "little people" need help, they are seen as loafers or worse, if high paid Ceo's rape a company and take millions of dollars in salary and bonuses, it is ok because the government will bail them out. Guess who pays for it, that's right, all of us, one way or another. Oh well, bitching is about all we can do except change the politics with our vote.

Our weather is nearly perfect. No cooler or even fans necessary and no heaters. Just right! New Mexico State Fair is going on in
Albuquerque. Attendance is down so Gov. Richardson has reduced the admission fees. Times are tough for families and entertainment is down low on the list of necessities.

Our SWNM Fair begins soon and it is always nice. I like the Rodeo best. We have lots of cowboys and cowgirls at our Fair plus many horses, steers and assorted critters, lol.

We did attend the St.Ann's Fiesta and the food was great (bbq brisket) with all the fixins. We always have enough for two meals. St. Ann's manages to have the best bands of any of our Fiestas. Nice big crowd at the Courthouse Park.

That's about it from here today. No other news.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike

We have been watching the television coverage of hurricane Ike. I lived in Houston years ago and belong to a couple of Houston Forums, so I have internet friends there. Also my good friend from high school lives in East Texas. She was worried about losing power as they had predicted 80 mile per/hr winds, but I see on the Houston Station KHOU-TV, that only Tropical Storm strength winds would be in her area. Houston had their TV Station going network for the duration of the hurricane. One of my favorite authors, Bill Crider lives in Alvin, and they were hit pretty hard. Luckily everyone I know is ok.

I have fond memories of Houston as my days there were happy ones.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All Hail Obama!

The BBC ran a poll and found out that 22 countries want Obama to be their President! lol. We need him more.

Well tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11 and my friend Connie would like for everyone to fly their flag in remembrance. We surely will.

I can't believe that it is Wednesday already. Being retired, it is difficult to keep tabs on the day even though I have a calendar on my computer as well as a clock and I should be oriented to time and place. The weeks seem to go so quickly. We actually got an inch of rain last night that came with a really violent thunderstorm. September is still monsoon season. I prefer when it rains at night and then we have our lovely sunny days.

Found another Obama sticker:

McCain/Palin - A bridge to nowhere, thanks, but no thanks!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Baby!!

Welcome to the world baby boy Austin!!! Congrats, Amy & John from Great-Grandma Moni.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday already!

Field of Chile!!!! It is that time again here in Deming, the Chile Harvest. The smell of roasting green chile is so wonderful. All the rain we have been having has caused some plants to wilt, but overall it is a good crop.

Yesterday our friends David & Betty stopped by to visit, then we all went out to eat. We went to a little place in town called "Lucky Duck". They have a nice little pizza buffet with italian dishes, hot wings, nice salads, etc. David said he could have stayed and eaten all day, lol.

Poor old McCain speaks tonight. He has problems reading the teleprompter. He should try enjoying his old age instead of being a power junkie. Do you notice how stiff he is, gotta be uncomfortble.

Some of you may notice that my youngest daughter doesn't like my thoughts on Palin, lol. Teresa is the lone Republican in the family, although, I did vote for Bush in the last election. I was wrong, not because of the war, apparently we will always have wars, but because the economy is in such a depressed state and we owe China so much money. I hate that. All these housing foreclosures and bankruptcies, it is a shame. Bill Clinton left the White House with a nice stable economy and low debt.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lovely day!

We went grocery shopping today. The weather was perfect, sunny with a slight breeze. We watched the tv accounts of hurricane Gustav, and it was great to know that New Orleans escaped with minimal damage. Still, millions of dollars in damages, but not a big toll on human life. The city and state did a great job this time of taking care of business.

So now the Republicans have a convention. Well, those ladies with the very strident voices, I just can't listen to them. They need voice lessons if they are going to make speeches so they learn how to modulate their voices. It is hard to listen to those shrill sounds. How can one get to be Governor of a State and not know how to speak???? Oh yes, the same way you allow your teenage daughter to get pregnant, your hubby to have a DUI, your office to be under criminal investigation.,to have a retarded child because you are too old to bear a child,etc.... Cindy McCain says that Palen has international experience since Alaska is so close to Russia, lol.
PLEASE, SOMEONE, STOP ME......hahahaha