Friday, July 23, 2010


Every evening it rains. Part of the monsoon thing and since that is the bulk of our annual moisture, we all enjoy it. Lots of boomers, scares our dogs, but they do seem to be adjusting to it. Baby hides under my computer desk right at my feet. We got 3/4" of rain yesterday.

My daughter Phyllis will be here in 2 weeks, YEA!!!

She will be here for 3 days, so we can get all caught up on stuff.I haven't seen her in three years, so lots to talk about. Once they come visit, you just don't want them to leave. :(

There is a possibility that granddaughter Jennifer and husband Jim will be able to come visit early Fall. I sure hope so, me and Jenn can talk for hours, lol and have lots to catch up on too.

We are going to have a great summer!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I love summer

I've been spending this summer reading and watching tv movies. Just relaxing. We had a nice 4th, the food was good and everywhere we looked we had fireworks;the only problem was that the youngsters with firecrackers must have stayed up all night. We could use some more rain since it is monsoon season, we hope to have some nice rain this month. Every evening we have fluffy white clouds that build up, but then they disappear; our air is just too dry.

Gotta go fix dinner, going to fix fajitas tonight. Have a good week y'all.