Monday, September 27, 2010


One of the things I love about living in the SW Desert, is the fact that you can see for miles. Also, the very land you walk on has remained the same for thousands of years. The Apaches lived here and made very small footprints on the land, living in those little wicciups that they made out of desert scrap. They hunted for their food and ate cactus as a vegetable and for medicine. When you walk across this desert, you can easily imagine the Apaches walking in the same places, nothing has changed. The Desert is living history.

Iknow the advantages of living in the midwest, south and west. I have never lived east of east texas so I only know about how that looked to me when on vacation. The far west has the best weather over-all, but it is not nearly perfect. Some people think our weather is perfect. I probably would agree with this if I was younger and had better circulation. For now, the winter nights are just so cold to me. The south is great if you can handle the humidity and the bugs, especially the mosquitos and the giant roaches! The midwest has long cold winters, hot humid summers, and not for me. The best thing about the midwest, is the four distinct seasons.

I am glad that we settled in this part of the country. Deming is nice little town, good for old retired folks since this town has many opportunities and facilities for senior citizens. Deming is not a vacation destination. Most of our families live on the west coast and the 680 mile drive appears very difficult for them. Before we made the move from San Bernardino, Ca., we would drive to Deming approx. 4 times a year. We would have breakfast at Dennys in San Bernardino, drive all day, stopping for lunch and potty breaks for our little doggies, and arriving at dinner time. Slow, easy drive. Our families seem to find this a very difficult drive and to us, it was just an adventure.:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lovely Weather

Fall is definitely in the air, even though the temps don't truly reflect this. It is 85 today but partly cloudy with breeze gusts so when one is in the shade, the temp feels just wonderful. Our kitties love being on our front porch which is screened in. They watch the birds and anything else that moves.

I've been trying to call our fiend David's home for a week now, with no answers. He must be either in a hospital or staying with family. Nobody answers the phone at his house. We hope that he is comfortable. I am so glad that I have been lucky enough to have the time to plan out my end of life. I am slowly but surely arranging my life so that I will be comfortable without being too much of a burden on family. I am getting a power wheelchair so that I can navigate from room to room without someone hanging on to me, lol. I am going to order a hospital bed so that it will help me position myself for comfort when I need it and I guess I will get oxygen delivered next week after a pulmonary eval. I have a tv within reach of my bed and next thing I am going to do is clean out my closet and get rid of a lot of old clothes that I never wear and stock up on some comfort clothes suitable for in home and resting. David's illness hit him so fast, that he didn't have time to think of anything. I may be around for a couple of years, but I feel the need to take care of business. I feel lucky to have most of my wits about me,and I want to take care of stuff while I am able.

About my funeral, well, the family and the mortuary can figure it out, nothing religious for sure but since I don't really believe in funerals, they can all just keep it simple as possible.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall weather

Today and tomorrow we are to have thunderstorms. There are high clouds over our area now but still sunshine. Only a few more days until Fall is here officially. I think most of our nation enjoys the seasons of Spring and Fall the best. I am happy that we don't change our time back until November, keeps the days from being soooo short. After Fall, we need to go to Australia to begin the cycle all over again and skip winter entirely. The truth of the matter is; time goes so quickly for us that it really doesn't make any difference. Last Christmas Floyd said to me "why take everything down and put it away, before we know it, it will be Christmas again?" It sure seems like that. I lose track of time and what seems like a couple of years ago always turns out to be more like 8 or 9 years ago. Time is elusive for old folks.

Actually, I have no complaints. I finally did the P.T. eval. Found out that my arms, hips and back are "weak". Oh well. After my birthday in November, I won't be that far from 80 and how strong are most 80 year olds anyway?? We went to see our long time friend David a couple of weeks ago and it is heartbreaking to see how he has deteriorated. He has lost so much weight although he is still alert. We haven't gone back because he has some family staying with him and he is so heavily medicated, that he drifts in and out. I could see it took all of his energy to try to maintain a conversation. I just wanted him to know that we had not forgotten him. We keep losing our friends, which is a problem with oldsters.

Nothing new happening here, which is the good news, lol. Talk with you all later.