Monday, January 28, 2008

Springlike weather

Seems as if Spring has arrived in Deming. We have had a little rain during the night the past two nights but nice and mild temps. Supposed to be windy this afternoon, so Floyd took his walk early.

The local bus service begins today and that should be interesting. I'll have to drive around to see where the bus stops are. Just little blue signs, lol. I wanted covered stops, but maybe later. One of the Routes goes to Columbus and the Port of Entry. At least this is one thing that has been accomplished. Deming doesn't seem to be able to put together much of anything that takes less than 5 years. When Wal-mart came to town, they cleared the land, put in a signal light with new turn lanes and built their store within a year. They could do this because they didn't ask the City of Deming for anything. We are sure that the new casino will be completed before our local Entertainment Center, because the City of Deming and Luna County have nothing to say about it. Let's vote all the bums out!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Warm Sunny Day!

Today is just a beautiful day, sunny and no wind. We are all going to be spending time outside today. Floyd already took his walk and he has a routine doctors appointment this afternoon. I love these nice days and our weekly forecast is for more of the same. Just makes me want to plant something but Floyd says "no", he thinks we have enough stuff planted, lol.

Happy Birthday Teresa, I don't know where all the time has gone.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Talked to David this morning, he's as jazzed about our new casino as I am. Our local weather people say we will get rain, but we haven't seen rain in so long that I don't think I will recognize it if it happens. Floyd has been outside doing yard work most of the day, he just can't stay inside unless it is freezing.

Had some nice photos from granddaughter Kimberly of pictures they took in Italy, mostly Rome, Venice and Florence. Cold there though. Have some great pictures of Patsy's Mediterranean. Cruise, 1,000 pics on a disc, lol. Great armchair adventures for us.

I'm going to bake my favorite butter cake. Take care all, talk with you later.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Better day

Yesterday and today, floyd was outside doing gardening chores. He cut back the red sage so it will grow more even as it is already coming up from the roots. Also, he did some raking and general yard cleanup. The weather is coolish, but he says it is good for working.

I just put a Turkey in the oven for dinner. We will have leftovers for tomorrow. I'm also going to make some small baked red potatoes and have a salad plus cherry pie with vanilla ice cream for desert. I must be hungry today. I mean, a whole turkey! Well, it is kinda small.

We are watching a movie and it has commercials which are like every 10 minutes. Floyd wants to see the end of the movie but he also wants to take a bike ride, lol. So everytime there is a commercial, he checks his watch., haha.

I have recieved two gardening catalogs so far. Burgess was the first one, it always is. I love looking at the pretty pictures. I doubt we will have a vegetable garden this year, maybe some cantaloupes, we love them.

Movie is over, Floyd is going for a bike ride and I must find something else on DTV. Talk with you later.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Welcome to my new blog.

I just left bravenet due to so many spammers. I must get 5 or 6 spams per day and then I have to go about deleting them. I am familiar with blogger as I have another blog here. I've got to go and finish making dinner, then I will try to bring this blog up to speed. I have many things to do to add necessary accessories here, like links and friends and photos. We look forward to hearing from you. I am going to add some links so it will be easier to keep in touch with my friends. Talk with you later.