Friday, January 29, 2010

We have had a very good day. Our friends David and Betty stopped by and we had a nice visit. They were not able to sell their home at auction because no one can get financing. They figure by June of this year, they will have sold their home so they can move back to Oklahoma. I think David misses the Casinos, lol.

We had sunshine all day today after several days of grey skies and lots of rain. Also, luckily, virtually no wind at all and it was wonderful. Our temp never got above 50F, but the sun was good and warm.

It is hard to believe that February is just around the corner. The year is flying by and really, springtime and summer can't come too soon for me. Hope everyone is having a good day and that the snow and ick that was here, misses you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cooke,s Peak

A good picture of the snow on Cooke's Peak which is a local mountain. All the rain down here has put snow on the mountains.

One week until February!!!!! Love is in the air.:)

So the months are just flying by and soon February will be here. I know Spring does not officially begin in February, but it acts like it around here. We will have Groundhog day and Valentine's Day this month as well as President's Day. Something for everybody.:)

Things are going well around here. Of course I continually complain about the weather, with me only liking temps in the 80s+. Floyd's checkups have been very good and I have had no real problems that I don't already know about, lol.

Two of our grandchildren are returning to school, Allie and John, and we have a new great grandchild, Kimiko Bree! So things are going well. We are looking forward to Spring and all that goes with it, lol

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Our longtime friends from California, the watsons, have their home up for public auction today. They are moving back to Oklahoma. We wish them luck and we will miss them. I personally do not think it is a good move, but it is not my life, so, we wish them luck.

Springtime is a good time for changes, don't you think?? Mild weather and sunshine. Our little town of Deming has fallen on hard times, but still, this past year has been a good one. For one thing our new public transportation has really taken off and has many riders. Our movie theater and bowling complex opened with much success, and another larger motel, The Hampton Inn has come to town. Our Chile crop and Pecan Crop has been better than in previous years. So changes come slowly, but still, they are welcome.

We love living in Deming. No place is perfect, but this little town is nearly perfect for us. What would make it perfect?? Family living closer would help as well as milder winter nights, lol.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Looking for Spring!

It won't be long and Spring will be here. No more cold weather, ice or snow. It is a shame the damage the cold is doing in Florida and also in the southern cities of New Orleans and Houston. All that pretty tropical vegetation is taking a beating.

Our highs for the next 10 days will be in the upper 50s. Stewart lives in Tucson and you can figure his temps will be at least 15F higher than ours! Some of our local crops are still not harvested due to the ground being wet. Mainly, the Pecan crop which should have been over and done with by now. The paper says that our Pecans will be harvested and immediately put on a ship heading to China. Well, by boxcar, then shipped out. New Mexico is second in the production of Pecans, with Georgia being 1st and Texas being 3rd. Although, there have been many new trees planted the past few years in our area.

I sure hope that the rest of the country gets a break from the awful weather, and soon. I worry about the poor little critters that have to live outside and fend for themselves.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays are over!

Thank goodness, now back to normal. I must have gained 10 lbs, lol Lots of goodies around here plus Stew's two large containers of home made cookies, yum! Plus we had candy of all kinds, yum. :) I like sweets, lol. Oh well, out of sight out of mind, so we are hiding the goodies for now.(freezer):)

Our daily weather should range from highs of 48F to 62F for the next 10 days. Oh well, it is January. I hate winter! I am pretty sure everyone knows that. Winter is so restrictive. At least we will have bright sunshine everyday. The east coast is being hit with a cold wave like the midwest had last week.

All friends and family seem to have survived the holidays in tact. The Western Channel had a great 3 day weekend of old classic western tv shows. I just loved them. I watched as many as I could stay awake for because they were on 24 hours a day.

Facebook has some good photos of some of my children grandchildren and great-grandchildren playing in the snow in Denver, Co. The little ones seem to enjoy this, lol.