Sunday, June 19, 2011


When I was 17 years old, I took a greyhound bus from St. Louis, Mo. to Chicago, Il. This was in 1952. I spent a wonderful summer in Chicago. I found a nice little efficiency apartment on N. Clark, about 5 short blocks from the Lake. You could go on the roof of the apartment building and watch the boats on Lake Michigan. Always a nice breeze so near the Lake. I think I walked on every street that was fit to walk on. I walked as far north as the far Northside of Evanston, and as far south as the neighorhood appeared safe. I found both ball parks, walked every step of Lincoln Park and the zoo. I caught the El and rode all over the city. What a wonderful experience for a young girl to be alone and free to explore such a town. Needless to say, I fell in love with the city. I walked north and south on Sheridan Avenue with LSD always within my sights. I went to the Navy Pier, walked the Gold Coast, and went to Soldier's Field. It is a wonder my legs didn't fall off, lol. I enjoyed walking and it sure was a good thing. I found an abundance of "neighborhoods
", and once found a small neighborhood consisting of people from the State of Tennesee, lol. I walked Michigan Avenue from north to south and love walking across the bridges on the Chicago River, what a sight to see those big ocean tankers coming right through the heart of the city; the bridges would raise to let them through. I loved the food of Chicago which for me was mostly hot dogs or "red hots" as they were called. At 17, the city made quite an impression on me; I loved every inch of it, museums and all.Do you have memories of a special place??

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June, 2011

Seems that I am only blogging once per month. I didn't plan it that way, but oh well. I think it is all due to Facebook. I can keep in touch much better with friends via Facebook, so blogging takes a back seat plus, I just don't have that much news. My computer has been acting up for the past two weeks, off and on and I was pretty sure it was my modem, but no, just my phone. I switched from Vonage back to Qwest (unlimited long distance and calls=
$5.00 per month) and, no contract! Guess they are determined to compete with Vonage.

What else?? One of our grandchildren is coming to visit next month from California, Jennifer and hubby Jim..sure wish them a good trip. Oh yes, received a nice birdhouse in the mail from son Stewart in Tucson. He made it for me.:) Floyd hung it up in front so we can see it from our front porch and I expect the birds to love it.

It is just now summertime and we love it. We have a swamp cooler, no A/C, and it is very inexpensive to operate; works really good in this desert heat.

Locally, things are humming right along. The new truck lane at the border crossing is nearly completed, the wind farm and the solar voltaic facilities are being built, just enough to keep our economy and work force stable.

Tomorrow is shopping day and luckily I found a bottle with some nitros in it in my purse, it helps sometimes when I have to walk a lot. I would drive one of those carts they have at walmart, but my vision,(or lack thereof), would have me running into things!

Floyd got the grapes planted and they are looking good. They were bare-root stock and I ordered them online from Missouri, so they all have leaves now, which means they have taken root. No peaches or plums this year courtesy of a late freeze, boo!

I hope you all enjoy your summer. I am watching the Casey Anthony trial on tv and I am hooked like most people are who follow the court trials.