Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lovely Days

We have been having some really lovely weather here, especially for this time of year. Normally, beginning May 15th, we are in the 100s daily, but not so yet, lol. We had perfect days for the Memorial Day weekend and that was good so that all the scheduled festivities could go on without a hitch. We enjoyed our weekend, had some lovely guests and all was good. Hope your summer is going good. This is truly the best time of year for us.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Memorial Day, 2008. A 3 day weekend too. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Summertime and the livin is easy, lol.
Our roses are beautiful and our front porch smells like a rose garden. Today our high should reach 100F because summer comes early to our part of the world. We love the heat.
Not much new going on around here. Floyd does the watering early in the day before the heat sets in. Everything is growing and blooming.
Take care all, keep cool!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Problems south of the border

We have been fine, but we are still having serious problems south of the border:

Parents are keeping their children out of school and police are arming themselves with automatic weapons in two border towns south of Deming because of recent bloodshed from a drug war.
“We’re afraid it’s going to spill over onto this side because many of the people that work over there live here,” says Columbus, New Mexico, Mayor Allen Rosenberg of the violence occurring in Palomas, Mexico, just two miles away.

In Luna County, all deputies carry assault rifles because of the Palomas violence: This past weekend, shells littered the streets of Palomas after seven people were killed.
The local newspaper reports that children from Palomas who attend school in Columbus have recently been staying home.

Recently, the police chief of Palomas sought asylum at the border because he feared he would be assassinated. In the past year, 10 Mexican nationals with bullet wounds have tried crossing into New Mexico.

In Palomas, which is heavily dependent on New Mexico senior citizens who cross the border for inexpensive medication and dental work, the economy is taking a hit.
“I had a restaurant,” said Palomas resident Gabriel Navarez. “It’s closed because I don’t have enough customers.”

The Mexican federal government has recently stepped up to put a lid on the drug violence. On a recent day, a caravan of Federales – Mexico’s national police force – was seen patrolling Palomas. They pile in on top of jeeps and pickups wearing black ski masks and really, they look like gangsters. Of course, they carry AK47s.

Following a recent bout of violence, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson announced he’s asking for more funding for border law enforcement

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lovely weekend

We had a lovely weekend. Many thanks to everyone who remembered me and I am a very lucky mom indeed!

Our weather is finally getting warm enough to please me, should be 90F today and windy this afternoon. Think I will make a quick run to the store before the wind starts.

Floyd is still on eye drops 3 times a day, starting next week, 2 times a day, then once per day then an appointment with his eye doc. His vision is very much better for which we are both grateful.

I am still enjoying Margaret Coel's books and would definitely recommend them. Think I will get busy and do a bit of shopping. Talk with you all later.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lots of birds!

A bird seen from our front porch this morning:

Ladder-backed Woodpecker. It is a small woodpecker and likes our cactus garden. I didn't take this picture because the birds never sit still long enough for me to get my camera ready. Anyway, this looks exactly like our bird. Also we saw some little burrowing owls, so cute, just a pair of them sitting on a fencepost. The House Finches are nesting all over the place.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Our town is celebrating the victory of Mexico over the French. Lots of food and entertainment in town. We will have some fajitas this Monday to celebrate in our own little way.

Terrible storms, fires and earthquakes across the country. We have had our own battles with duststorms. Luckily, the only damage from the dust is a layer of dirt all over. Easy to clean up our mess compared to all those poor people who have suffered tornados.

Picked up some books at the library, and they are interesting. Native American Mysteries by Margaret Coel, historical fiction. These warm sunny days are great for sittin and readin! We have a pair of Bullocks Orioles nesting in our Desert Willow Tree. The male sits on our front fence and just looks at us. They are so pretty, just brilliant in color.