Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monsoon season

We are in our summer monsoon season which runs from July through September. The temps are more moderate and every evening, the clouds roll in, thunder and lightning surround and showers. The wind picks up and rain or no rain, our evening temp drops approx. 20 degrees and it is very pleasant to be outside. We did get 1/4 inch of rain yesterday which was good. This is the desert, so any amount of moisture helps.

Had my annual doctor's appointment yesterday and basically what that means is that I have another year to get my meds, lol.

Here it is going on 11 am and still in the 70s with a nice breeze. Floyd just finished cutting our grass, and it smells so good. He stays busy. Yesterday he put together a little windmill for our front yard. We still have that canopy to assemble and it is going to take some time as we do move slowly, so we are waiting for Fall temps.

This week our peaches ripened and I baked a couple of pies. They were yummy. One thing about being retired, we can set our own schedule for doing things.

Monday, June 14, 2010


We went through many packets of old photos yesterday. At one point, floyd became so immersed in what we were doing that he forgot where he was..it only lasted for a moment; scared me though. I can't seem to find my digital camera, so I will probably just buy a new one. I haven't even tried out my printer/scanner yet,well, I've used the printer, but not the scanner; like floyd said, when we first moved to Deming, we took pictures all the time but the past couple of years we have both lost interest. Probably just our age/health issues.

Today was a beautiful day locally. Our peaches are ripening and they look so pretty. The wind took most of our fruit, but we have some plums and peaches left. Maybe I will get some pictures when they are ripe:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cholla season

All of our cactus is in bloom, but the Cholla is really pretty here and all over southern new mexico.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Early summer in the desert!

Summer always comes early down here in the SW Desert. Since we have retired, we enjoy the nice warm weather. Used to be that many residents moved away back to their northern homes for the summer; not many do that these days. People from southern California and Arizona have moved in and they are not afraid of the heat.

The poppies were fabulous this year due to a wet winter. Life is good living quietly in the desert.