Friday, August 29, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday morning!

Today is the start of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. I have a granddaughter who lives in Denver, wonder if she is observing any of the activities, probably not because she actually lives in Westminster, which is just outside of Denver.

Our Duck events ended and the top prize winners were two little girls each winning $1,440 each. One girl was 5 years old and one was 6. They had some fast ducks!! The 5 year old said she was saving her money for college. The 6 year old said she was going to Hawaii, lol.

We know about the races, because we in fact did get our newspaper this morning. First time in two weeks. We went to the office to complain about not getting our paper a week ago, and they said that they had no help. All their carriers had quit.

Slow news day from here. Beautiful weather. Talk with you all later.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy weekend

This weekend is our annual Deming Duck Race events. There will be tortilla toss competition, outhouse races, horseshoe competitions, duck races on land and water, etc. Also lots of vendors, food and a big carnival with all the rides for the kiddies, plus rock climbing, dancing and lots of entertainment venues. And, my favorite, hot air balloons!

Floyd has been looking all over town for a tee shirt for this year's event. They are all sold out where ever he goes and they sell for $29.98. He has decided to wear the one from last year. They also have an all you can eat bbq at the Methodist Church. They have this every year. Tonight the sponsers hold a nice dinner/dance at our convention center.

I am making a big pot of pork ribs bbq. Gonna make some potato salad to go with in a bit. Enough to last us all weekend, lol.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beautiful Weather!

I am always complaining about the weather, but today is perfect. We are going to go for a ride in the country. Well, you know I got a new computer, and I really like it but I don't like windows Vista! I still can't find things that I want in a hurry and I have added too many shortcuts so that I can get around.

I watched that religious thing with Obama and McCain last evening, thought it was silly. I don't care what religion someone has, why should I??. McCain was true to form, crazy old man, all he wants to talk about is what happened to him years and years ago. That's how old guys are, they tell the same stories over and over. He shakes that little fist and gets so angry, lol. He seems to remember every little thing that was said to him and what he said back, hmmm. Did you know that his oldest son Doug is 48 years old?? A year older than Barack Obama!!

He never talks about what he did when he came home from Vietnam. He found out that his wife had been in an auto accident and seriously injured, so what did he do, started running around, never home, left his wife alone with the three children they had. He got a marriage license with Cindy before he was even divorced. He lied about his age to Cindy. Guess he saw a pretty girl with a rich daddy and wanted that more than his marriage.

Amazing that he remembers everything about his capture and nothing about his affairs during his younger days. He has never been a nice person and he doesn't fool me. BTW, McCain's first wife is alive and living in Virginia Beach, VA. She still has to use crutches to get around but she is able to drive.

I don't think McCain deserves a pass on this.

Other people have similar opinions regarding McCain.

RANT OVER!!, lol.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lawnwork the ez way

Finally we hired a gardner to take care of our yard. It is getting too much for Floyd and me. This guy just cuts the grass and does the weeds. We will still water and trim stuff. Well, we should have done this a long time ago.

Not much new happening just now. Deming has their annual Duck Races in a couple of weeks and we always go to that. It is a four day celebration, but we usually go 2 days. We enjoy when the hot air balloons come over our house. Mostly we enjoy listening to the music and eating, lol. After that is the St.Ann's Fiesta with even better food and music on Sept. 14th. Our neighbor gave us free tickets this year, yea!!

We have been seeing these pretty little orange hummingbirds. They are so pretty and colorful. We do not remember seeing orange ones before. Wonder where they came from??

I've been reading Tony Hillerman's books of the Southwest, more specifically about the NW Corner of the NM and NE Corner of Arizona, home of the Navajos. They are really enjoyable and it is hard to imagine that Tony is not a Navajo himself as he is so totally into the history and culture.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Internet problems

Well, actually my computer broke! It was ten years old, so I was not surprised. I had thought that it was gone before, but this time was for sure. I found a nice little computer at Walmart and it was on sale and not only that, but this is a tax-free weekend, so I lucked out. It is really nice having a new computer.

We had quite a lot of rain in July, and hopefully not so much in August. We are not used to dealing with weeds here in the desert, lol. Floyd did get a mosquito bite last week. Hope there are no more out there.

Had good news from Stewart today, hope it holds.