Sunday, June 29, 2008


We have been enjoying fireworks every night now. We sit on our front porch and many of our neighbors have fireworks and it is fun to watch. Of course, on the 4th there will be many more, but still we enjoy watching all the exploding colors.

Our friends Betty and David visited us last Friday. We had a nice enjoyable visit. Tuesday, July 1st, they are picking us up and treating us to lunch at our little Casino. Then we will go over to their home and look at all their flowers and plants. They have a lovely yard and spend a lot of time working on it.

Tomorrow Floyd has a doctor's appointment, just routine, as he is feeling fine. I visited with our neighbor across the street today, she has had some recent health problems. Getting old has it's drawbacks!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Today is my eldest daughter's birthday!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Monday

Here it is Monday again. Not a lot new going on. Last week was spent in one doctor's office after another. This week I have two appointments and Floyd has two. I would have had three, but I cancelled one. One thing I have found out, I am now only 5'2" tall. Wonder when that happened?

It has been nice around here. We actually had thunderstorms Sat. night, not much rain but the temps dropped dramatically with the wind blowing, it was almost chilly! I have been reading daily Journals by people riding their bikes across the country and it is really interesting. East to West, West to East, North to South and South to North. Also many folks hiking all over the place, for miles!! Sounds like great fun if you are physically able. There are designated bike trails and hiking trails all over this country, who knew??

check out: see: Journals

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nice warm weather

We are right in the middle of our summer. June is the warmest month here primarily because of the clear skies. Starting next month, we will have some cloud cover that helps moderate the high temps. Actually, we kind of enjoy the heat. Isn't the flooding in the midwest awful?? Nice to live along rivers so long as they stay inside their banks. Some of the positive things about living in our area, no fires, no earthquakes, no floods, no tornados, no hurricanes, only springtime dust storms. We can live with that even though we don't like them.

Floyd had a great Father's Day and wishes to thank all the kids who were so generous. He is a lucky dad, grandpa and stepdad!! He thinks he is rich, lol.

I will be happy when this week is over. Doctor's appointments tomorrow and Friday and I always dislike them. Some old folks seem to love hanging around in doctor's offices, egad!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Omigosh, tomorrow is Friday the 13th! I had doctor appointments today and glad they weren't for tomorrow. I have a nice young doctor and he is very thorough. The first thing he did, was change my Cardiologist! I mentioned some of the problems with mine and he right away made an appointment with someone local who used to work at the famous Cleveland Heart Institute, so he is very qualified. The main reason I went to see the doc is that I have this rash all over me with no apparent reason. Anyway, he gave me a script for some salve. I made sure that he had all the right things on my chart, like a living will and a do not resusitate. I always tell the docs not to resusitate, but they always do. I don't want to live long enough to suffer a massive stroke, if you know what I mean.

Tomorrow we are having a guest for lunch. She is a nice young lady, a nurse and she has been having lunch at our house every week for a while now. She believes that she has a job at our local hospital. She is from Japan, so lots of paperwork involved in getting licenses, background checks, etc. Anyway, I am looking forward to her visit, we always have lots to talk about. I'm not sure what we are having except that I want keylime pie for desert, yummm. I will figure a menu in the morning.

Saturday is Flag Day and Sunday is Father's Day. Have a great weekend everyone.

Talk with you later.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wild West!

The wind has been blowing and dust is everywhere. Not as hot as it has been, so that is good, but still Deming looks like the old west with tumbleweeds everywhere and no people on the streets.

All is well with us. Had our new landline hooked up today. Some places do not want a cell phone number, so we more or less had no choice except to call Qwest.

Going to take a nap and then bake a cake! Hope everyone has a good day.