Monday, May 9, 2011

May, 2011

It has been so windy and dry around here. Every day we get "red flag alerts" which means dry and subject to fires. We haven't had even one drop of rain all this year; and the midwest has way more rain than they need. Mother Nature sure is strange!

Nothing much new going on around here. I have ordered some Marquis Grape vines to plant to replace some of the nice green vines that we had and were destroyed by that awful deep freeze we had in February. Otherwise, most of our desert cacti and succulants are doing fine. I was worried about our ocotillo, but is has turned green and looks great.

Mother's Day was great around here, none of the kids were here, but Stewart sent me a cash gift and bought me a nice big chocolate cake with red roses on top and it said "Happy Mother's Day Mom"..delicious. Teresa sent me some chocolate covered strawberries which I dearly love and Phyllis sent me a large houseplant which I truly needed because all my other ones were killed. So it was a happy time for me. I enjoyed talking online with some dear old friends from many years ago. Time changes us all, but it is so good to talk to people that once played such an important part in my life. When I say "talk", I really mean writing on Facebook. I dearly cherish all my Facebook friends.