Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April and NO showers

March went by quickly for us. February was a short calendar month, but seemed to us to last forever. April is going pretty good so far. We need rain in the worst possible way. Daily the weather bureau gives us fire alerts because of the wind and very low humidity. I love the sunshine, but our region is a tenderbox, just waiting for something to start a fire. New Mexico is having some fires not too far from here, one in the Gila and one over in the Ruidoso area. I don't think that Luna county has had a drop of rain this year.

Nothing new to report. Kids and grandkids appear to be doing well. Grandson Nicholas will begin studying at VCU in the Fall. He is such an artistic talent, and I know he will do well. Everyone else is just busy working and making life best as they can. Son Stewart has moved to a new location in Tucson and I am anxious to see some pictures!

We are well, pops and me. I'm having a little arthritis pain, but so what? Just a couple of otc pain pills work just fine. Haven't been blogging much because really I haven't any real news. We are enjoying our kitty very much. We have always had dogs and this little cat is such fun, hungry all the time. I think she is spoiled because she can do no wrong.

Wishing you all a happy Springtime. Hubby is still trimming the dead stuff off many of our shrubs due to that awful deep freeze we had in February. I hear that the freeze killed off over half of the Palm trees, here and in Las Cruces. It is recommended that the palm trees that we all plant be California Fan palms instead of the faster growing Mexican Palms. Live and learn the hard way huh? Some of those trees were 40-50 years old.