Friday, December 23, 2011

Better days!

It will soon be 2 months since Floyd died. I really miss him at times. We spent most of our time together, so we depended on one another a great deal. I miss talking with him and sharing my feelings with him. Anyway, time goes on and all is well. I am feeling better and as a matter of fact, hospice is cutting me loose; they say I am not sick enough to meet their criteria. So that is certainly all right with me, I don't want to be any sicker than need be.

Christmas is Sunday and seems like it just arriving so soon. I'm not ready!  I am wishing all of you a happy new year and a generally great holiday season. Talk with you all next year; take care of one another.  Hugs, moni xo

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Annie said...


I am so sorry, I did not realize your husband had passed away. Sending you hugs across the miles from the Cariboo.

I'm glad to hear you are living with family now, take care.