Monday, October 10, 2011

Good News

This morning Floyd and I went to see his doctor so that she could explain his CT Scan. Well there was nothing to explain, his brain was clear of any leakage of any kind. She is a little concerned about his confusion, but she wants to wait to see how he does in the next few weeks. He has a mastoid infection and she hopes the antibiotic will clear up his thinking. His confusion doesn't really bother me so long as there is not a physical component. We all get confused as we age.  Floyd's pain is all gone and the one problem which continues to bother him is the dizziness he experiences when he bends over. We figure that is due to the infection. At any rate, we are so happy to have him back with normal brain function, lol. It may not be optimal brain function, but it will do for us! Take care all and I will keep you posted as to how well the antibiotics are working. 

We took the "city bus" to the docs and then to Walmart to pick up his medication and then home. I mean, that was a bumpy ride but Floyd's doc does not want him to drive. Unless it involves his doctor, I will probably be taking the bus alone.Floyd absolutely did not enjoy taking that bus, lol.

Hope everyone has as good of a day as we have had. We are enjoying a lovely, sunny day and it is so good to be out in our warm sunshine.

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